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Division of Compliance Assistance
Green Hospitality

​How can you attract guests, reduce costs and keep Kentucky beautiful? Go green.  Corporate America has already realized that being more environmentally friendly can be bottom-line friendly as well. Be our guest and check out our green hospitality Web page where owners, restaurant managers and hospitality professionals can learn ways to green their processes, measure those results and communicate the impacts to a public who is increasingly making more sustainable choices when purchasing goods and services. 

Green Hospitality in Kentucky

There are already some trailblazers in Kentucky that have made the commitment to be more sustainable. Boone Tavern in Berea is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold-Certified establishment that used salvaged materials, locally sourced, and environmentally friendly building products during the recent renovation of the inn. The inn also has an energy management systems in each guest room to reduce energy consumption by guests while they are not in the room. 

The Brown Hotel, a KY EXCEL member, has seen monetary savings from green projects. The hotel has a strong paper product recycling program that reduces waste management costs and newly installed digital thermostats and CFLs that have cut energy consumption. Many of the hotel's cleaning products exceed Environmental Protection Agency Greenseal standards. 

Just because you are small, doesn't mean you can't make a difference.  KY EXCEL members,1851 Historic Maple Hill Manor and Pinnacle View Inn, are serving as role models for smaller lodging establishments. Maple Hill Manor can provide green weddings and local products from their own llama and alpaca farm.  Pinnacle View Inn has taken advantage of the green building techniques to keep its energy and water costs down. Check out these and other green inns on the Bed and Breakfast Association of Kentucky's Green Lodging Guide.

Our Partners

The Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance has joined with other organizations to support green practices in the hospitality industry.

The Bed and Breakfast Association of Kentucky has launched its own green lodging certification program in which innkeepers undertake eco-projects and receive different levels of green certification. A list of their green establishments can be found on its website.  


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