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Sustainable Sporting Events

The Division of Compliance Assistance (DCA) is excited to work with the sporting industry to encourage environmental stewardship.  Kentucky embraces its sporting culture.  Whether it is the Kentucky Derby, a college basketball game or even a kid's soccer match, there are always opportunities to take in a game. There are also numerous opportunities to save money and be environmentally friendly in the process. DCA is developing training and materials that will help various sporting venues assess their operations, make goals for improvement and make changes that will make them sustainable both environmentally and monetarily. One sports venue that the division has been working on is horse racing facilities. Over time, we will be working with other venues to ensure that our favorite pastimes are all achieving their environmental potential.  


 Green Venue Resources


See the progress Penn State has made in greening its stadium through good waste management practices. ​

The Seattle Mariners have made great strides in recycling at their stadium. This document shares their success.  ​

This manual produced by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources details how facilities can reduce their water usage.  ​

Check out this event that can help sporting facilities go green.  ​

The EPA page has information on setting up recycling programs.  ​

This article describes the effort of Yale University in establishing a green athletics program.  ​

This article presents five easy ways sports fans can green their taligating parties. Pass these on to your program's fans.  ​

Sports and sustainabililty do go together. This toolkit can show you how.  ​

Minor league baseball has made a commitment to go green.  Find out about ways they are achieving their goal and take advantage of resources they provide.  ​

Check out this article and how Lexington's minor league baseball team has stepped up to the plate when it comes to waste management.  ​

This document details the Louisville Cardinals' efforts to become more sustainable.  ​

NASCAR has done much to become more environmentally friendly. Read how they have implemented recycling, a biofuels program and much more.​

​Check out EPA's effort to help green the racing industry.

Check out members, venues and partners in the Green Sports Alliance. 

​See how the PGA is taking steps toward environmental stewardship. 

This study details how much professional sports organizations disclose regarding environmental efforts.​


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