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Application for Reciprocity
Operators who hold a valid certificate in a state, territory or possession of the United States other than Kentucky, may apply for a Kentucky certification without examination by submitting this form and the appropriate fee.
Continuing Education Activity Report
Training providers shall submit this form to the Certification and Licensing Branch upon completion of their approved training. It contains the information needed to ensure certified operators receive the appropriate continuing education credit for their attendance at that particular training event.
Education and Experience Documentation Form
Individuals desiring to become a certified operator shall complete this form to document their education and experience. Certified operators seeking to upgrade a certification are also required to submit this form to the Certification and Licensing Branch.
Mentor Letter Template - Application and Examination
This template may be used by individuals seeking an Operator-in-Training certification.
Mentor Letter Template - Renewal
This template may be used by certified operators, with an Operator-in-Training designation, who wish to renew their certification.
Application for Approval of Courses for Continuing Education
Training providers seeking approval of certified operator training shall submit this form to the cabinet for approval.
Application for Certification Renewal
Drinking water or wastewater certification renewal.
Registration Form for Exams and Training
For first time drinking water or wastewater operators testing at a specific level, this form must be completed.