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Division of Compliance Assistance
Area Source Boiler Rule Resources

Below are resources and links for facilities that are subject to the new Area Source Boiler Rule. 


 Area Source Resources and Links


​This Web page includes videos, resources and fact sheets regarding EPA's Area Source Boiler Rule.

​The fast fact worksheet provides an at-a-glance overview of who is subject to various portions of the Area Source Boiler Rule.

​This link will take you to Area Source Boiler Rule FAQs from the U.S. EPA.

​This presentation, developed by the Kentucky Division for Air Quality, covers the basics of the Area Source Boiler Rule.

This Division for Air Quality presentation covers the boiler rule emission limits.

​This presentation from the Division of Compliance Assistance covers the tune-up requirements mandated by the area source rule.

​This Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center Presentation covers the energy assessment requirements of the area source rule.

​This document includes links to videos, resources and websites to make complying with the area source rule easier. 

​This video will help viewers understand how to register to use the EPA's Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface.

​This video takes the viewer through the process of submitting a Notification of Compliance Status for the Area Source Boiler Rule.