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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Compliance Assistance
Helpful Resources

Welcome to DCA's helpful resources pages. You can find self-paced learning modules, case studies and other reference materials to help communities, businesses and individuals with their environmental efforts. 


 Anytime Online Learning

​Have questions about your permit? Don't know how to do a 12-month rolling total? Check out DCA's self-paced learning modules to help answer your questions. In order to view some of our learning modules, Adobe Flash Player should be installed on your system. Follow this link to download the required software. We also suggest using Microsoft Internet Explorer
Module Title
Environmental Compliance AssistanceSimplifying Compliance
Environmental Compliance Assistance Simplifying Compliance
Environmental Compliance Assistance Simplifying Compliance

 DCA Case Studies

​DCA's case studies highlight some of the great environmental efforts being made by Kentucky's communities, industries and businesses. 
Case Study
expand Program : Brownfields ‎(16)
expand Program : Environmental Compliance Assistance ‎(4)
expand Program : KY EXCEL ‎(27)
expand Program : KY EXCEL Farm ‎(2)

 Resource Library

​The DCA Resource Library contains informational resources, which are categorized by each division program. To see the resources under a corresponding program, click on the (+) symbol on the left. After it has been expanded, you may sort by topic, subject and resource type. Simply hover your mouse over the title of the column with which you want to search until a drop-down menu appears. From there, choose the filter(s) you wish to use. Multiple filters may be used on each column. To remove the filter, simply click on "clear filter from topic" in the drop-down menu.
Resource Title
Resource Type
expand Program : Brownfields ‎(10)
expand Program : Compliance Assistance ‎(138)
expand Program : Green Resources ‎(6)
expand Program : Operator Certification and Licensing ‎(55)