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Division of Compliance Assistance
Funding for Brownfields

​Thinking about redeveloping a brownfield in Kentucky? The Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program and other partner agencies can pinpoint incentives to help pay for redevelopment and provide assistance in the assessment and cleanup process. There are services available for the private sector and public entities, including nonprofit organizations. Businesses and individuals can sometimes access additional incentives for projects by partnering with eligible local governments or nonprofits. 


 Funding and Incentives Overview

Government Entities
Assessment- Phase I,II
​Analysis of Cleanup Alternatives



​Corrective Action Planning




Corrective Action Implementation




 Other Resources and Information

Economic Development- Additional incentives are available from the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development. Visit​ for more information. 
The Department for Local Government manages various federal and state funding opportunities for local government agencies.
Liability Protections- Kentucky's laws mirror the federal Bona Fide Prospective Purchaser protections. In addition, on April 11, 2012, House Bill 465 was signed into law. This law allows prospective property redevelopers to work with the state to attain a level of liability assurance. Properties, such as the Kuhlman Electric Building​ in Versailles, Ky., are among the first to take advantage of the new law. The new law can be found in Kentucky Revised Statute 224.01-415 with some additional effects on KRS 224.60-138(1) for underground storage tanks.  

Area-Wide Planning- The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently piloted an Area-Wide Planning Grant competition. The Area-Wide Planning Grant allows communities to develop plans for brownfield redevelopment, helps determine redevelopment priorities and assists them in determining the economic, social and environmental conditions surrounding specific areas targeted for redevelopment.  

Success Stories- Check out some of the successful property redevelopments in Kentucky.  

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Amanda LeFevre, Brownfield Outreach Coordinator
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