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Division of Compliance Assistance
Green Your Brownfield

Just because a property has been a problem in the past, doesn't mean it can't have a productive future.  Land and building reuse are the ultimate in recycling. Many times they don't require additional infrastructure and utilize fewer resources than a property being built on a greenfield.  To continue along the green trend, look for ways your property can be energy efficient, manage water runoff and dispose of waste properly.  Below is a list of helpful green links that can help you green your brownfield. 


 Helpful Green Links for Your Brownfield Project

This link takes you to a repository of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) green remediation documents and Web links. 
The Kentucky Sustainability Institute, a partnership between the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, the Kentucky League of Cities and the New Cities Institute, has developed a toolkit featuring information on energy conservation, growth management, stormwater management and other environmetnal projects for your home, business or organization. 
The EPA helps communities grow in ways that expand economic opportunity, protect public health and the environment, and create and enhance the places that people love. Through research, tools, partnerships, case studies, grants and technical assistance, the EPA is helping America's communities turn their visions of the future into reality.
The buildings in which we live, work and play protect us from nature's extremes, yet they also affect our health and environment in countless ways.
This manual, developed by the Kentucky Environmental Education Council, provides a wealth of information and resources for designing and building green buildings. 
This site offers information and tools on a variety of topics, including code revisions, water management, housing, transportation, funding, etc. 


Have questions about brownfields? E-mail or call the Brownfield Help Desk.