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Division of Compliance Assistance
Certification Boards

The Kentucky Board of Certification of Water Treatment and Distribution System Operators  (drinking water board) and the Kentucky Board of Certification of Wastewater System Operators (wastewater board) serve in an advisory capacity to the agency on implementation of the operator certification program.

Duties of the boards are to:

  1. Evaluate the qualifications of applicants and recommend qualified applicants to the cabinet for certification examination.
  2. Review and provide comments to the cabinet on proposed administrative regulations regarding operator certification.
  3. Review and make recommendations to the cabinet on core content for certification examinations and continuing education training for certification renewal.
  4. Review and make recommendations to the cabinet on training proposed to provide continuing education to certified operators. During the evaluation of training courses and seminars, the board shall consider
    a) The consistency of training material with the core content,
    b) The ability of the training to provide information that supports effective water conveyance, treatment and quality, and
    c) The ability of the instructor to properly present the training.
  5. Assist the cabinet in drafting examinations for the certification of operators.
  6. Review and provide comments to the cabinet on proposed fees for the training and certification of operators.
  7. Review applications for reciprocity and recommend to the cabinet the acceptance or denial of the application based on the criteria established in 401 KAR 11:050, Section 1(8).
  8. Review evidence and advise the cabinet regarding disciplinary actions for certified operators who fail to comply with KRS Chapters 223 and 224 or 401 KAR Chapter 5, 8 or 11.

Who are the board members and when do the boards meet?

Our board information page lists board members and their meeting schedules.

What statutes or regulations govern the certification boards?

The statute regulating the drinking water certification board is KRS 223.170.
The statute regulating the wastewater certification board is KRS 224.73-110.

401 KAR 11:010 is the regulation that establishes the duties of the certification boards.

Are certification boards business meeting minutes available?

Yes, minutes are prepared after each board meeting and are available online once the minutes have been approved.

Drinking Water Certification Board Minutes

Wastewater Certification Board Minutes