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Exam Results

If I have recently taken an exam, can I check online to determine if I passed?

Yes. If you have recently taken a certification exam, you can check the appropriate list below to determine if you passed the exam. The list will just include the individuals that passed the exam. Exam scores are not posted on the lists.

Can I call the Certification and Licensing Branch to get my score?

Exam scores will not be given out over the phone. Operators will receive a letter within a couple of weeks after taking the exam that will list their score. If operators want to get their exam score before they receive their letter, they will need to e-mail or fax a request to a member of the Certification and Licensing branch.

Exam Results

These are pass lists from recent exams. The lists do not provide scores. They only show the exam level and the names of operators that passed the exam.​

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