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Division of Compliance Assistance
Financial Assistance

Is there financial assistance available for drinking water operators?

Yes. Kentucky's Expense Reimbursement Grant (ERG) program is designed to assist Kentucky's small drinking water systems in obtaining and maintaining skilled certified operators by waiving and/or reimbursing the costs associated with operator training and certification. To be eligible, operators must operate a community or nontransient, noncommunity public water system serving a population of 3,300 or fewer.

Many small drinking water systems have difficulty paying expenses for potential operators to become trained and certified and as a result, struggle to remain compliant with regulatory requirements. As an incentive, this financial assistance opportunity should assist small systems with acquiring and maintaining qualified operators and to prevent noncompliance, further protecting public health and safety. Eligible operators will have fees waived for certification preparatory classes, certification examinations, continuing education classes and renewal of certifications. Classes are limited to those provided by the Kentucky Division of Compliance Assistance. Operators will also receive a treatment or distribution manual at no charge when enrolled in a certification preparatory class and exam. Additionally, operators are eligible for reimbursement of mileage, meals if traveling during appropriate hours and for lodging if overnight stay is required. Operators may request assistance through this grant for events occurring during the period of July 1, 2002 through March 31, 2011 (less time if funds from the grant are exhausted). For additional information, please refer to this ERG Instruction Packet.

Is there financial assistance available for wastewater operators?

No, unfortunately at this time, there is not a comparable program available for wastewater operators.