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Division of Compliance Assistance
Frequently Asked Questions

This page features questions that the operator certification staff routinely receive. If you have a question regarding drinking water or wastewater operator certification that isn't listed on this page, please contact the Certification and Licensing Branch at 502-564-0323 or e-mail

Where do I mail my application for certification, renewal or class registration and fee?
Division of Compliance Assistance
Certification and Licensing Branch
300 Sower Blvd.
Frankfort, KY  40601
To whom should my check or money order be made payable?
Checks or money orders should be made payable to the Kentucky State Treasurer.
I submitted an application and/or registration form, but I haven't received my approval letter. Should I just show up for class?
No. There may have been a delay in processing, a deficiency in your application or the class or exam event may be full. You should contact the Certification and Licensing Branch at 502-564-0323 to check the status of your application and/or registration submittal. If your application and/or registration request has not been approved or processed, you will not be permitted to attend the event.
I am sending in my application for certification. Will a generic job description be acceptable to complete the request for job experience?
No. The program wants to know what operational experience you have. A generic job description will not be specific enough related to your daily activities in the operation of the plant where you work. List all of your operational duties with the percentage of time you spend working on these duties. This information will be used by the Operator Certification Program technical staff to evaluate your experience and how it compares to the regulations. Also, be sure to list daytime contact information, including an e-mail address, if available. This is helpful if the trainers have any questions about your application.
I submitted an application and need to reschedule. What should I do?
Contact the Operator Certification Program to reschedule. Training fees are refunded at 50 percent if the registration is cancelled at least two business days prior to the beginning of the training event.
If my proof of education (diploma, transcript or certificate) has already been submitted, do I have to resubmit it again with a new application?
No, you do not have to resubmit your proof of education unless you have completed additional education and it is required for the upgrade in your certification. Just note that the proof of education is on file with the Operator Certification Program.
I have recently changed jobs. Do I need to contact the Operator Certification Program?
Yes, according to 401 KAR11:020, the certified operator shall provide written notification to the division within 30 days.
I took a test and didn't pass. What are my options?
The Operator Certification Program offers the option to take a retest of an exam at any class that offers a testing session. You can retest for a wastewater certification exam at any drinking water exam site. This is also true for water. You may retake the same level of treatment or distribution exam if you didn't pass the exam, at any wastewater exam site.
You must resubmit the exam fee and a registration form with two choices of retest dates. The complete application with proof of education will not have to be submitted again for a retest.
I took a certification exam and want to know if I passed. Can I call the Operator Certification Program to get my score?
No. Test scores will not be given out over the telephone. This change was made to protect the privacy of the individual test applicants.
Operators can verify their licensure status by going to the department's E-Search website. 
In addition, operators will receive a letter with their results within a couple of weeks after taking the exam. If operators want to get their exam score before they receive their letter, they will need to email a request to a member of the Certification and Licensing Branch.
I tried to renew my license online, but my address is different than what is shown online. Can I still renew?
Before you will be able to renew online, you will need to notify the Operator Certification Program of the change in your mailing address. This is necessary because the address on record is where your wallet card will be mailed. You must submit the change in writing. This can be sent via e-mail or fax to the program.
Where can I get continuing education classes?
The Operator Certification Program offers continuing education classes for operators. The available classes are listed in the program's current training schedule.
You may also take classes from alternate training providers that are approved by the certification boards for continuing education credit. Contact the individual provider to determine what classes are available and if they are board-approved.
How many continuing education hours do I have?
Operators can check their continuing education hours online. They can also check the status of their license and verify their license number and agency interest number. To use this tool, go to the department's E-Search website.
How do I determine what certification level is needed to be in responsible charge of a wastewater collection system?
The certification level for wastewater collection system operators is based on the size of the wastewater treatment plant receiving the waste. For example, if the collection system transports wastewater to a Class III wastewater treatment plant, the certified operator in responsible charge would need a Class III wastewater collection system certification.

What baccalaureate degree programs are approved to satisfy the regulatory education requirements for a Class IV drinking water or wastewater certification?

Operators can refer to the Approved Degree Programs for Wastewater and Drinking Water Certification document, which contains a list of the approved degrees.​