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Division of Compliance Assistance

Drinking Water and Wastewater Operator Certification administrative regulations are contained in Title 401 Chapter 11 of the Kentucky Administrative Regulations (KAR). The Drinking Water program fees are contained in Title 401 KAR 8:050.

The Operator Certification regulations were amended on Feb. 5, 2010. These changes included the addition of a bottled water certification and changes to the termination of a drinking water license. In addition, the certification program has begun offering Operator-in-Training certifications for each classification and level.

The regulations regarding solid waste certification are below.

All state regulations are available at the LRC regulation website. The regulations contained on the LRC website are not official versions. The official versions are contained in the Kentucky Administrative Regulations Service and in the monthly Administrative Register of Kentucky. For information on how to subscribe to these publications, contact the LRC at 502-564-8100, ext. 564.

Information regarding the duties of the Kentucky Board of Certification of Wastewater System Operators and the Kentucky Board of Water Treatment and Distribution Systems Operators can also be found by visiting the board information page

If you have any questions regarding the regulations listed above, contact Jessica Wilhoite, Certification and Licensing Branch, 502-782-6477.​