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Division of Compliance Assistance
Solid Waste Certification Program

This web page provides information regarding the certification of landfill operators and managers, compost and landfarm operators. Solid waste licenses are active for five years. At the end of that five-year period, solid waste operators and managers must attend a certification class and undergo an examination.

How to Become a Certified Solid Waste Operator fact sheet  

The 2018 Solid Waste Certification School and exam schedule is now available. The dates are listed below. All solid waste certification schools will be held at the DEP Training Center, 300 Sower Blvd., Frankfort, KY 40601.

March 7-9 - Landfill Operator/Manager Certification School - Event ID SW-17538

March 27-28 - Landfarm Operator Certification School - Event ID SW-17539 

March 29-30 - Compost Operator Certification School - Event ID SW-17540

Sept.12-14 - Landfill Operator/Manager Certification School - Event SW-17541


If this is the first time an individual is applying for solid waste certification or applying to be recertified, an Application for Certification must be submitted along with a Registration Form for Exams and Training or by completing these forms electronically through the cabinet website using eForms. The electronic process eliminates the hassle of mailing the forms and checks to the branch.

Questions related to solid waste operator certification or the training schedule should be directed to the Division of Compliance Assistance at 502-564-0323 or through