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Division of Compliance Assistance
Test Preparation Materials

We strongly encourage individuals to read and become familiar with the study materials available for the certification exam type they are seeking. Individuals who are familiar with the content and who attend the certification preparatory training have a higher success rate of passing the examination than those operators who do not study the materials available and attend the certification preparatory training. 


Drinking Water Materials

Wastewater Materials

Wastewater Collection Formula and Conversion Sheet​
Wastewater Collection Math Review
Wastewater Collection System Operator Certification Manual Rev. 4/20/2015

Wastewater II-IV Pie Chart
Wastewater Treatment Math Review
Wastewater Treatment Formula and Conversion Sheet
Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Certification Manual Rev. 4/5/2017
Test Strategies

Solid Waste Materials

Landfarm Operator Certification Manual Rev. 3/19/18​
Compost Operator Certification Manual Rev. 3/19/18​
Landfill Operator Certification Manual Rev. 3/19/14​
Landfill Manager Certification Manual Rev. 3/19/14

Test Strategies