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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Division of Compliance Assistance
Environmental Compliance Assistance Program

Are you regulated by the Department for Environmental Protection? Do you have questions about a permit or regulation? If so, the Division of Compliance Assistance has a program that can help you get the answers you seek.

The Environmental Compliance Assistance Program (ECAP) has staff available to answer your environmental compliance questions relating to air, water and waste issues. Our staff is available to answer your questions via our toll-free hotline or e-mail. ECAP staff offer a variety of services to help you meet and exceed your environmental compliance responsibilities.

  • Site visits to assess your compliance status
  • One-on-one application assistance
  • Help with emissions calculations
  • Enforcement discretion when working with ECAP
  • Ombudsman services
  • Help with pollution prevention and sustainability
  • Help interpreting our regulations
  • Problem-solving technical issues relating to processes or controls
  • Tools and resources to help assess your compliance status and understand regulations
  • Regulatory and compliance training

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ECAP is also a proud member of the Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs. As a part of this nationwide network, we are especially interested in aiding small businesses and communities with their compliance responsibilities. We know that small businesses and small communities often do not have the resources or staff to understand and comply with all of their environmental responsibilities. Therefore, these regulated entities are given priority for our detailed level of service.

For those regulated entities that are going beyond compliance to environmental stewardship, we encourage your participation in KY EXCEL and also provide recognition through our annual awards program.


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Have questions about compliance with environmental regulations? E-mail us at or call our hotline below.