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Division of Compliance Assistance
Food Loop

​The Kentucky Food Loop initiative seeks to encourage the production of local food in a sustainable manner and look for possible efficiencies and collaborations that will have beneficial environmental impacts for the Commonwealth.

From farmers to processors to transporters to consumers and beyond, there are oppportunities to reduce energy consumption and decrease undesirable environmental impacts on our air, water, and land resources.

Growing sustainable food systems close to home will help reduce dependence upon long-distance foods. Local food systems have a great potential to improve health through better nutrition, create jobs, and alleviate poverty.

Food Loop Resources

The following are interactive and educational resources regarding food - from the soil and nutrients required to grow healthy foods, resources used to process and transport food, the choices we make for meals, and the final destination of food waste. These resources contain lessons and activities that help to facilitate learning more about the involvement of food systems and our environment.

Title with Link
Activity Description
expand Media Focus : Air Quality and Climate ‎(4)
expand Media Focus : Soil and Nutrients ‎(6)
expand Media Focus : Value of Food ‎(5)
expand Media Focus : Videos ‎(10)
expand Media Focus : Waste ‎(12)
expand Media Focus : Water ‎(5)