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Division of Compliance Assistance
How to Join

Whether you are an individual, household, farm, organization, community, local government or business, KY EXCEL has membership level for you!  Membership is free and renewed annually upon providing information on the prior year's projects. The number and scope of the voluntary, environmentally beneficial projects conducted per year is up to you.  

What membership level fits you best?   

  1. If you or your organization own land and farm crops or livestock or is an advocacy group for farmers/agriculture, please see more on our KY EXCEL Farm Membership.
  2. If you or your organization does not have a permit rom the Department for Environmental Protection (DEP), you are eligible for an Advocate membership. To be an Advocate, submit a member application and commit to at least one voluntary environmental project each year. At the end of the year or upon completition of the project, submit an annual report on the project and accomplishments.
  3. If you or your organization has a DEP permit, you can participate at the Partner, Leader, or Master levels. These memberships are tiered to allow for different levels of commitment. All voluntary projects are to be reported on annually.


Partner ​Leader ​Master
​Number of Voluntary Projects per Year ​One ​Three ​Five (at least one education or outreach)
​Environmental Management Plan ​Develop a Plan ​Active Plan ​Active Plan
​Performance Assessment ​Self-Initiated ​Self-Initiated ​Conducted by an Independent, Third-Party
​Agency Compliance History (no recent, significant violations) ​Not Required ​Not Required ​Required
​Mentor Members ​Not Required ​Not Required ​Agree to be a Mentor, as needed

Begin Your Membership 

Submit a member application and the number of project proposal forms associated with the membership level desired. See the Membership Resources table below. Partner, Leader and Master members will be asked demonstrate that an environmental management plan will be developed or is in place. As well, members can provide a statement of performance assessment.

Renew or Upgrade Your Membership

Membership is renewed on an annual basis. To renew a membership, submit the annual reoprts for each project proposed from the prior year and project proposals for the coming year. If you would like to upgrade your membership, submit the appropriate number of project proposals.

Benefits of Being a Member

Experience enhanced access to agency personnel, recognition and marketing opportunites, networking and mentoring, as well as a 50% discount on KY EXCEL, Environmental Compliance Assistance and Brownfield education opportunities. See more benefits here



 KY EXCEL Membership Resources

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Become an environmental leader. E-mail or call our number below.