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Division of Compliance Assistance
Performance Assessments

All potential partner-, leader- and master-level applicants will need to conduct a performance assessment of their organization prior to becoming a member. This assessment is designed to help an organization evaluate its environmental management planning process, as well as evaluate its ability to meet applicable environmental requirements. Performance assessments that were recently completed prior to applying for KY EXCEL may count toward your application requirement.

Master applicants must have their assessment conducted by a third party. Third-party performance assessors must demonstrate to KY EXCEL that they have relevant training and experience and ensure that they are capable of performing a meaningful performance assessment for the applicant. In addition, the third-party assessor must demonstrate an independence from the applicant. This documentation must be submitted with the membership application.

KY EXCEL has prepared an assessment workbook that will help a facility complete its assessment. Other assessment tools can be utilized as long as they are comparable to or more detailed than the assessment workbook. If you wish to use an alternative assessment protocol, contact our office to assure its acceptance as part of your membership application. 



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