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 Making a Contribution, One Member at a Time

Are you actively engaged in environmental stewardship or are you looking to make that first step? KY EXCEL offers a home for individuals, businesses and organizations looking to make a contribution to improving Kentucky’s environment.  Here are a few things members say about KY EXCEL:

“Long overdue, KY EXCEL is a platform where the regulatory community brings to light the massive environmental stewardship provided by the industrial and business sectors. KY EXCEL allows members to network and partner, which sometimes results in popular and successful events, such as the Earth Day/Arbor Day at the University of Kentucky Arboretum.”

  ---Frank Whitehouse, Lexmark Inc., Master member

 “Sometimes as an individual, you wonder if what you are doing makes a difference, and you can feel very isolated. Being around other environmental leaders in KY EXCEL inspires me to make greater commitments and shows that together we can have a greater impact both locally and nationally.”

---Kenya Stump, Advocate member

Collectively, this community of environmental leaders has

  • Recycled enough scrap metal to make 12,135 cars.
  • Recycled electronic waste equivalent to 42,389 computers.
  • Recycled aluminum equivalent to almost three 747 jet airliners.
  • Planted 123,267 trees to reduce carbon dioxide by 2,958 tons.
  • Saved enough electricity to power 1,160 homes for one year and natural gas to supply all Kentucky residents for 17 months.

These are just a few of the results that KY EXCEL members have accomplished. You also can join this group of Kentucky's environmental stewards. Membership in the program is free. All it requires is a voluntary commitment. KY EXCEL staff are available to help applicants through the membership process and down the path of stewardship. KY EXCEL strives to ensure that members enjoy all member benefits available to them.

Given all of this, why aren’t you a member of KY EXCEL? With a simple commitment and the help of our staff, there’s nothing stopping you from being “green." Join the community and make your contribution to Kentucky’s environment a reality.

In this video, Kentucky First Lady Jane Beshear offers her thanks to those who work hard to preserve and protect Kentucky's environment and highlights projects at the Governor's Mansion.

Stewardship Action Council logoKY EXCEL is now a Stewardship Action Council Alliance member.


Become an environmental leader. E-mail or call our number below.